Idem Key Plus

Advancing Legacy PKI Integration with Patented Plug-n-Play Technology
Idem Key Plus redefines secure web access, seamlessly integrating legacy Web PKI applications with direct browser support via PKCS#11 Middleware and NFC-enabled mobile SDKs.
Our patented plug-and-play Web PKI technology delivers full x.509 certificate functionality across all major browsers, solving compatibility issues and simplifying web authentication without installation of any middleware or proxy agent.

Enhance PKI Application with Idem Key Plus

NFC Enabled

Plug-n-Play Tech

Universal Compatibility

Touch Verification

Unlock the full potential with 3 integration options

1. Plug-n-Play Web PKI Applications

Easily upgrade your web applications by integrating our sample code to access the Idem Key Plus, ensuring a hassle-free user experience with download-free simplicity.

2. Mobile PKI Development

Leverage our mobile SDK to build or enhance mobile applications, providing secure access to Idem Key Plus via NFC for on-the-go authentication.

3. Legacy PKI Systems

Seamlessly integrate with existing PKI infrastructures using our provided PKCS#11 middleware on Windows or Mac, enabling your current applications to access Idem Key Plus effortlessly.

Certified Security Excellence

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